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The Production Journey of Leather Jackets


Selecting The Premium Leather

Indeed, leather is the primary material of our products, and it is our responsibility to work well on its selection. Our craftsmen use all sorts of leather materials to produce our goods. We try our best to use the most premium quality leather originating from lambs, cowhide and sheepskins worldwide. We give great importance to the quality since it is the main thing that can elevate our credibility among the costumers. Our products are best because we have been employing the finest types of top-grain and full-grain leather in our pieces. We carefully consider the main factors before choosing the type of leather.

Examining The Standard Of Leather

Our goal is to provide the best quality leather goods to our customers, which is why we pay great attention to checking the standards of the leather material before buying it. We take many quality examinations before purchasing any leather material for our product to maintain quality. At the same time, factors like weight, size, warmth, wearability, durability and anti-odor matter the most in leather quality. This is why we check out all these factors before purchasing any leather material for our products. Our team of experts and professional craftsmen are there to help us opt for the ideal quality leather for our products.


How Do We Process Our Leather Material?

Obviously, we first need to process our raw leather material to get the most high-quality leather products. In order to begin the leather processing method, the leather has to go through tanning. In simple words, leather tanning is the process of producing leather material from animal skins and hides. This is one of the oldest leather processing methods to form good-quality leather material. First, the hide gets a proper cleaning to remove all the dirt, blood and hair, and this process takes place in the beam house. After this step, processing happens, which is an essential step before the manufacturing of leather goods.
Moreover, we have the most efficient tanning machines; this process changes the nature of the fibers. This process is essential to prevent the production of bacteria and fungi in our leather material. After this process, leather material is then graded into different tanning classes. The main leather tanning processes that we use are chrome tanning, vegetable tanning, sheepskin leather, PU leather, faux/synthetic leather and premium leather. After all these processes, the produced materials are crafted to make our goods according to the customer’s customer’s demands.

Cleansing The Leather Material

As leather is the primary material of our goods, and we understand the importance of good quality leather, this is why we pay great attention to the leather cleaning process. In order to keep the shine and gloss of our leather, hand washing is the only option we opt for. Our experts and craftsmen check the quality of leather comprehensively before sending it to the process of cleansing and drying. The leather went through a heavy water-washing process. Some leather materials are even dry-cleaned to remove the natural oils. After these steps, we give the lustrous polish to the leather material.
In addition, dry cleaning is another essential step in the production of our leather material. This step is necessary because it adds the final finishing look to the leather material. Our leather goes through the drying method, and this process makes tanning agents combine with collagen. More water evaporates during this process to meet the finest leather material. This cleaning and drying process significantly influences the chemical and physical properties of the leather material. This is why these two processes have so much significance.


The Design And Crafting Process

After working on the production of good-quality leather, crafting and designing are the next steps. In this step, our creative-minded designers prepare the most stylish pattern before cutting and stitching. Also, we use viscose lining as the inner material and all the extraordinary characteristics that are essential in the design of any modern leather jacket. Our craftsmen try their best to make the most elegant and chic type of leather jackets according to the demands of the customers. Indeed, our skillful craftsmen use their mechanical and creative skills in the creation of your leather jackets. Each and every characteristic of the jacket is according to the customer’s needs. We try our best to keep the color and variation of the pieces fresh, and at the same time, we use premium processes to craft these jackets.

The Stitching and Cutting
In the creation of leather jackets, cutting and stitching have the central role, as these steps impact the overall look of the piece. Cutting is the first step, in which manual sharp tools and electric cutters are used to cut the leather into the needed shape and size. On the other hand, stitching joins these pieces together with the help of thread and needle. Our leather jacket goes through an auto-sewing machine to result in the most perfectly stitched jacket. Undoubtedly, cutting and stitching is a crucial process, and we have expert artisans who can flawlessly do this work.

The Inner Material
For the comfiest and warmest feeling, we employ viscose lining as the inner material of our leather jackets since this material can give the best feeling to the wearer. We sew the viscose lining to flawlessness so it becomes odorless and breathable.

The Design And Crafting Process

Even after going through so many production and inspection procedures, our leather product once again went through the examination process after finishing manufacturing. We try our best to ensure that our jackets meet the ideal standard of quality before leaving our factory. Also, we look for any defect that might have been ignored on the first examination. In any case of any defect or imperfection, we quickly fix it and then allow it to ship to our customers.
Regarding quality, we always aspire to perfection to become a credible source of leather jackets. We also check whether the product matches the customer’s demand or not. The product’s color, size, design and features also went through examination. In the creation of a good-quality leather jacket, everything matters the most. Therefore, we also look into every little detail, such as fitting, stitching, collar style, cuffs, pockets and buttons.
After these steps, we packed our products in good-looking and solid packaging that has the ability to keep the jacket in its shape and look. We take this step in order to deliver our customers’ orders in the best condition. We follow the premium processes in the manufacturing and packaging of our leather goods.