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The Walking Dead Jacket Styles – Complete Collection

  • TV series with Zombie apocalypse are always famous for their on-the-edge experience, and that is precisely what truly set the walking dead among those widely popular and renowned shows for the thrilling experience they equip viewers with. Blending the elements of gore and a coherent storyline – amalgamated together makes one heck of a captivating experience for the viewer, which has made it one of those successfully running shows.

Currently, completing the count of 11 successive seasons, the show has a wide fanbase. This certainly set the stage for the different ways that fans undertake to make the most out of the experience with which a show equips its fanatics. For instance, acquiring the stuff that directly takes inspiration from the people who wore them in the series and rendered them an all-new level of popularity.

Creators of the Walking Dead Series

Based on the comic books of the same name, the American TV series was created by the duo Robert Kirkmen and Tony Moore and also Frank Darabont.

The Differences Between Show and Comic

Although the storyline, in essence, and the major sequences remain the same, there are certain differences, nonetheless. For instance, some characters die in the comics but remain alive in the series and some survive in the comics but die in the series. Besides that, there is an addition of new characters in the show.

The Plotline of the Series

The plotline of the show might seem like another cliche that takes the element from the other show, which follows a similar apocalypse theme – but let us make things very clear: running over 11 seasons successfully, the “Walking Dead” franchise is one of the original pieces. Hence the plot, storyline and all the elements have been molded together with a sort of originality and contain the distinctive facets that are always the surprising and awe-inspiring factors. The story follows a group who have survived the fall of modern civilization and are now seeking a safe place to reside in. The group is led by the police offer Rick Grimes played by the actor Andrew lincoln. Overall, the story is about survival, facing your personal demons and containing the conflict – the conflict on the outside and the conflict from within as well. At the beginning of the show, Sheriff is shown waking from the coma – the reason for which is later revealed in the series itself. While fighting with his partner, Rick is shot in the shoulder by a criminal gang and goes into a coma, from which he wakes in the post-apocalyptic world.

Walking Dead Inspired Costumes – the Walking Dead Jackets

If you are a fan of the franchise, then it is time to go beyond the everyday ways of channeling the inner fanatic in you and jump on the latest bandwagon that sets you apart in the realm of the walking dead fandom by aiming for the crazy chic and appealing leather jackets inspired by the TV series. With the most styling and trendy designs, they have sought direct inspiration from the characters that wreaked the good-sort-of havoc in the world of fashion and are sure to bring magic and muse to every outfit that you desire to create. Besides that, comfort is never an issue – so that surely is a win-win.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are the Main Characters of the Walking Dead Series?

    The main character of the show is Rick grimes, played by the actor Andrew Lincoln. He is the police officer in the series.

    • How Did the Apocalypse Start in the Walking Dead?

      The apocalypse in the TWD was triggered by the “Space Spores” – it was triggered in space and had its impact on the planet Earth.

      • Is there going to Be the 12th Season of Walking Dead?

        No, there are not going to be 12 seasons, as the show concluded with the finale season, which was the 11th. Although the show has its spin-offs.

        • Why did Rick Grimes Fall into a Coma?

          He was shot while fighting with the criminal gang and fell into a comatose.

          • Can I imitate the Style of Walking Dead Characters?

            Definitely, that is exactly the case with these walking dead jackets. If you want to imitate the style, get your hands on these pieces.

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