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Karate Kid, a 1984 movie, is still an absolutely amazing movie to watch on Saturday nights with some friends. The rivalry, drama, teacher and student relation, Gi, Keikogi (稽古着), and how can any viewer forget the Cobra Kai Red Leather Jacket that has been praised for decades. It’s been around for the last 34 years after its first-ever installment, and it is a blockbuster hit ever since, the movie from such times is probably one of the best movies which hit such a mark at the box office (130 million USD, to be exact). The franchise is a tribute to the rich culture of martial arts. It displays all the unique abilities that one learns whilst learning to control your body better. And most importantly, it motivates you to never give up!

Decades later, there this amazing news for all the viewers of this classic movie that there is going to be a series which will pick up the rivalry from the 34 years old movie while carrying the same teachings of Tsuki (突き), discipline, and also some of the ‘80s costumes like the Cobra Kai Jacket. The movie that inspired the whole of America to learn martial arts is coming back in the form of a series. The wait is over for the fanatics of the Karate kid franchise! The revival of this franchise is enough for all the ones who have been binge-watching the movie for 34 years.

Cobra Kai, the best thing about this series is the opening part is exact from the last tournament of All Valley Karate Tournament in which Daniel kicked the hell out of Johny. Even though he won the tournament, the rivalry is still there, which is why we are blessed with this astounding series.

We all know that it has the same punch in its storyline, but it is also worth noticing that the 2018 series has carried much more than just the rivalry in the show. The team’s badges alone are enough to remind the charismatic relation of Mr. Miyagi and Daniel and the rivalry with Johny. Not just that, it also has some similar outfits like Johny Lawrence Red Jacket along with the Karategi (空手着) of course, as it is an important one for a karate movie.

Well, a few people release a “meh” at the very mention of the karate kid, but little do they know that the Karate Kid set the same bar of standard which the first installment 34 years ago did. If you haven’t been inspired by Karate-based entertainment, then we suggest you give the 34-year-old Karate masterpiece a glance. Trust us. Your eyes will not leave the screen. The energy and thrill will suck you in! You will soon agree that the film converting to a series is the best news ever!

Johny Lawrence

The character of Johnny is really hard to tell. Whether he’s the good guy or the bad guy in the movie, his behavior in the movie is an enigma. This is due to his sensei. The way he taught

martial arts to Johny is never really the traditional way of Japanese martial arts, as witnessed in Mr. Miyagi and Mr. Kreese’s teaching method.

Well, the best way to put it is that Johny is the bad guy for the most part of the franchise and eventually the good guy at some points, and that’s what makes his character harder to judge. Besides his character’s moral ambiguity, you got to say Johnny knows how to style as his Karate Kid Cobra Kai Jacket. This is one of the best wear from every installment.

Mr. Kreese

The only character in the movie by whom this whole franchise got the balance of good and evil vibes. The teachings of Kreese is the thing that makes Johny do the wrong that he did in the movie, which includes no mercy, finish the fight no matter whoever has started it, and always teach others a lesson with violence. If there is any bad guy in the movie, it is Mr. Kreese. The veteran of the Special Forces and the sensei of the Cobra Kai dojo may have the most negative vibes to it, but without him, the whole film wouldn’t have that yin and yang thing to it, and it wouldn’t ever hit the fame that it holds in the film industry.

Daniel LaRusso

The Italian-American, LaRusso was and still is undoubtedly the most praised front face from the franchise’s entire cast. Being the new kid in town has its own negative impacts, but as he meets Mr. Miyagi, his life changed completely and never remained the same. With the help of his sensei, he learned a lot other than wax on, wax off — if Daniel had not gone to Okinawa, he wouldn’t have the chance to meet Kumiko, and most importantly, he couldn’t have learned the lesson of Miyagi teachings of being merciful and respectable about everyone, even your enemy.

The Miyagi-Do Martial Arts is the style that Daniel went along with. We can see this in the Cobra Kai series, Daniel’s sensei and his teachings were kept alive. Daniel was spreading the teachings as far he could to let everyone know what karate is truly all about. Daniel was also able to redefine the traditional meaning of martial arts to mastering composure.

The persona of Mr. Miyagi is hard to ignore in the entire film industry. What makes his personality stand out the best is the way he perceives the method of teaching. This was kind of AWESOME, Right? Well, all the viewers laughed at first seeing LaRusso doing the famous wax on, wax off thing but later on, it converted into a jaw-dropping scene of the entire movie. Mr. Miyagi is like the Yang in the movie and has given the viewers a chance to see basic teachings from a new perspective.

It’s been 34 years, and that’s a pretty long time, yet still, when the announcement was made about the series, it instantly became the most anticipated series of the year; it’s like everyone missed the Cobra kai costume and characters a lot. There are a lot of good things that the viewers can learn from this franchise, like kindness, how to deal with bullies without losing your calm and perseverance. This classic franchise can teach you some of the best things to carry throughout your life.