Harley Quinn Jacket

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Harley Quinn with Joker or without Joker? Well, no matter how she appears on the screens, one thing remains common — her fashion sense! She looks the same sassy either she stars in ‘Suicide Squad’ or her solo movie ‘Birds of Prey.’ The makeup and hairstyle play a major role in making her what she is; the gorgeous costumes play a huge part. And that’s why Fit Jackets has come up with a stunning Harley Quinn Jacket collection for all the Harley lovers!Costumes are the best way to show love to the character, either it’s fictional or real. It’s the most genius plan to take your favorite celebrities with yourself wherever you go. At Fit Jackets, we have covered all the sexy outfits of Harley because we know that you prefer different outfits for every event. Not just that — Surprise, surprise! — There is a gem in our collection too that goes with every occasion, and that is the Harley Quinn Bomber Jacket.The jackets have the same wildness to give you the perfect appearance without going out of your way. Be the most-loved psychopath of the DC world with minimal efforts with these amazing top layers having beautiful combinations of vibrant colors. We believe in comfort with style, and that’s what the only theme of our jackets. If you ship the Harley-Joker relationship, then the Harley Quinn Bombshell Jacket is the perfect pick for you. What is better than this harley quinn jacket having a green-faced Joker printed on the back? It’s the Joker from the cards, but that’s where his lover came from — no offense. The jacket is made of high-quality leather, and the inner lining is kept breathable with the light-weight viscose. So, be the craziest Harley and show off your Joker’s love by wearing this harley quinn jacket everywhere!Are you a person who follows trends like crazy? Then the Harley Quinn Suicide Squad 2 Jacket from our collection is what that you need. The jacket is in a gorgeous red color to serve all the women who love a little boldness. The erect collars and sleek designs would provide with an edge among all the Harley-s present at the Halloween party or cosplay. It is made by neatly observing the precise detailing from the trailer and creating great care to provide you with an upper hand among all the fashionistas. Stay up-to-date or even a step ahead with this jacket inspired by Harley’s outfits from the trailer shots. She is the same crazy in it, and we all love her like this!Birds Of Prey Harley Quinn Fringe Jacket would add extra glam to your look if you got inspired by her sexy jacket. It is especially for the girls who never shy off while choosing a bold yet stylish outfit for their everyday wear. Although the fringes make it a perfect option for the date nights, girls night out, and every party, you can style it in a refined way as well!Fit Jackets’ collections are always the most versatile and fashion-forward. No matter what size you are, our wide range of available sizes would serve you anyway. Browse through our assortment now!