Akira Jacket

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Akira Jacket – Exclusively Available for the Manga Fans!

Get ready to feel the nostalgia striking you with the mesmerizing Akira Jacket collection by Fit Jackets. The cyberpunk anime movie from the ‘80s is returning to cinemas as 4K Remaster – all of us are excited to the core! Complete all of your tasks in advance, so that you could rest and munch on the popcorn – and an Akira Jacket would double the fun.

Fit Jackets wants never to let go of this record-breaking anime movie that became the later film trendsetter. You can also set the trend in the world of fashion by wearing a Kaneda Akira Jacket in the same vibrant red color and gorgeous smooth cuts. We have kept in mind to infuse some modish vibes in this vintage jacket but don’t worry – the badass Kaneda appearance remains the same!

Available in the options of real and synthetic leather, the Akira Jacket from our collection is the best choice to rock at costume parties. Not just that, the snap-tab collar and golden lock buttons over the full front zipper line add an elegant touch to your kickass biker appearance. Stitched with perfection, this jacket has all the qualities which made you their fan from the movie.

Feel free to wear this classy leather Akira Kaneda Red Jacket at any time of the day. For every occasion – as the comfy viscose lining would keep you insulated even in the extreme weather conditions. The vibrant color multiplies the appealing cuts and design of this jacket, and what can be better than having a jacket straight out of your childhood memories? And that too, transformed into an irresistibly trendy form.

Please your obsession with ‘The Capsules’ with this jacket having the same Capsule embroidered on the back. Fit Jackets wants to see you returning happily from us – and this jacket is the perfect example of what we say!