The Ultimate Michael Jackson Beat it Costume Guide

Michael Jackson Costume Guide

Michael Jackson is the man who has ruled over music, dance, and film industries like a real boss. Having been blessed with an enormous amount of talents, he excelled in a wide range of fields throughout his life. The marks that he made over people’s hearts in the period that he lived are evergreen. He is the ray of sunshine, a reason to live, and a motivation to wake up every single day for a lot of fans until now!

His style and dressing sense is welcomed by people the most. The Beat It Costume that he wore in the music video of the song ‘Beat It’ from the album ‘Thriller’ became a hit and song. He performed it a lot of times after its release in 1983 and has always donned breathtaking costumes. Well, saying that he has nailed the fashion industry too won’t be wrong. From his hairstyling to the shiny, sleek boots, everything was always on point.

In the video of the song ‘Beat It,’ he starred two gangsters with him and brought them together with the influence of music. With this hit release, he increased his fan following even more, and people started to copy him instantly. ‘Beat It’ became the most successful, popular, and loved the song that gave a new trend to pop culture. And yes — some credits go to his costume as well!

The Beat It Costume:

His costume consisted of a white t-shirt, a gorgeous red michael jackson jacket over it, and black cargo pants. This outfit was his signature one. Despite rocking many mesmerizing, studded, shiny, and fancy jackets, this jacket is something different. It has no extra embellishments but still looks the same classy as them. Call it the irresistible personality of Michael Jackson or anything else, the costume was the most stylish one of all the others. Let’s breakdown all the detailing of the costume step by step;


Michael Jackson Beat it Jacket

Michael Jackson Beat it T-Shirt

Michael Jackson Beat it Armor T-Shirt

Michael Jackson Beat it Pant

Michael Jackson Shoes

Michael Jackson Wig

Michael Jackson Beat it Jacket:

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The jacket is made of good quality leather with a smooth finish. It is in rich red with sharp cuts and an attractive design. The jacket looks so stylish with the stand-up collar feature and multiple zippers on the chest, sleeves, and waist. This jacket takes us straight back to the ’80s when the song was released. It has been recreated for you

Michael Jackson Beat It T-Shirt:

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Michael wore a white cotton t-shirt underneath the jacket. It has a piano printed on the front. The sleeves are half, and the fabric is the comfiest. The way that he used to dance easily in the video song was all because of this cozy shirt.

Michael Jackson Beat it Armor T-Shirt:

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The second that he wore in the music video later was a blue one. The shirt has angels printed on the front with a red heart. It looked so dope and gave Michael the perfect gangster look. It was sleeveless and made of cotton.

Michael Jackson Beat it Pant:

Beat it Pant

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The black trouser complimented the red jacket just right. The combination looked so cool; it made him look the perfect King of Pop. It is made of a blend of cotton and polyester. Nothing is better than comfortable pants!

Michael Jackson Beat it Shoes:

Michael Jackson Shoes

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The costume was completed with nicely polished black boots. They helped him to move and moonwalk perfectly on the stage. It is not easy to be this professional in moonwalking in bad shoes. If you are willing to copy his dance moves too, leave no chance of embarrassment and go for the ideal pair of boots.

Michael Jackson Beat It Wig:

Michael Jackson Beat It Wig

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The real essence of Michael Jackson is his curly hair wig. The look would seem incomplete with a nice wig. You can also opt for a curler if you are hesitant in going for a wig. Remember to curl even the shortest hair; you don’t want to give anyone a chance to doubt your creativity.